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i hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. i know times are incredibly stressful... then again- it always is during this time of year.. i havent updated about joe and i since before he came down... sooo here goes.

the trip up was pretty good. we got there in about 6 hours. not bad considering we hit some traffic, and made quite a few stops. it was a nice bonding time between joes mom and me. we went straight to jax since joe was packed and ready to go. the trip to st augustine was a breeze. we stayed at the comfort inn on the island. it was nice. they had lights on all the lamp posts for christmas.. but not your typical trees and bells and angels. instead they had starfish, boats, boat steering wheels, lanterns, and shells. it was cute. after we dropped our stuff off we went downtown to eat at harrys and see the lights. i wasnt feeling great and it got worse when the food arrived. i barely touched my food.. how unlike me. anywho- after dinner we took pics of the lights and walked around. i started running a fever, but im a trooper and kept showing mrs. b around. we went to the campus to see the front lit up and the rotunda was actually open. so we went inside and she loved it. then we headed back to the hotel. crashed shortly there after. at 8 on sunday i got a phone call from dave saying that pam had baby mason scott at 3 am. squee! new baby nephew to love and spoil!! we headed back to st george st to do some shopping and whatnot. grabbed lunch at groovie smoothie. continued on to the fort.. it started to rain so we left. got back on the road at 2. hit some bad road debri but didnt think anything of it until someone screamed at us through the window that the front tire was looking flat. so we pulled off and joe changed the tire while i held the manual. we fixed everything up and carried on home. its kinda funny- i kept thinking 'damn- joe looks like a grease monkey right now, and for some strange reason im kinda turned on...' heh, im so weird. anywho- made it back in decent time regardless. i dropped my stuff off at the house and joined joe and his parents for dinner.

i got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled the tuesday after we got home. it was horrible that first night. i couldnt swallow very well or anything. and the pain was horrendous. joe stopped by the day after i had them taken out. so there i am, looking like a chipmunk, my face is bruising horribly... and he just looked at me and said youre still my beautiful libby. he also brought me ben and jerrys 'phish food'.. what a swell boyfriend. he cuddled me on the couch while i was in a lucid state of mind due to the pain killers. he left about an hr after that, but it was still nice to see him. the next day he stopped by with his brother to move this huge tv that was in my room. they of course teased me a bit, but i joined in on it. i was called chippy for about 4 days. alot of people kept asking me where my buddy dale was. ah friends and family. gotta love them. i was determined to get better by saturday, so i could celebrate noche buena with his dads side of the family (his dad is cuban). by thursday id had enough of sitting on the same couch, so when my parents went to see lord of the dance, joe and his mom picked me up and brought me over there. nice change of scenerey, lol. joe built a fire out back and we cuddled in front of a blazing fire. it was really nice.

i celebrated noche buena with joes entire family on saturday. i picked joe up at 8 and we headed over to his cousin mercys house. joe, his godfather/mercys husband mel, and jack started the pig roast. yes- a whole pig. we played dominios and talked about random things while sitting outside all day. joe managed to get through to clem (his older brother in iraq, who i was friends with in high school) so we got to talk to him too. random family members showed up throughout the day for a little bit during the pig roast. the guys did an awesome job. at around 5 everyone showed up for dinner. 30 people total. it was amazing. sooo much food. soo much family. it was just amazing. i felt really at home with his family. mercy needed us to help move something and was like hey lovebirds, can you help me real fast?? joe was like woah woah woah mercy- we havent reached that point yet!! and then she was like ok.. hey you two birds! mind helping me?? ever since then, shes been calling us birds. we find it amusing. they have this family tradition that you have to kiss the pig. they didnt think id do it. but i did. chalk one up for the token jew! joe told me about how you want to be in the kitchen when the carving is going on so you can get the best pieces. he was right. mercy and joe kept handing me pieces to eat. it was DAMN good! we did a buffet style eating and i took a little bit of the soft things that i thought i could eat. i didnt do too terribly bad. they all knew i had my teeth taken out, so no one was offended. of course by that time the drinking had definitely begun. everyone kept asking joe and me when the date was.. for the wedding. we corrected them REAL fast =). clem keeps calling me his little sister. i think its funny. joe isnt amused. desserts were eventually taken out. everyone loved the cookies i made. that made me happy. then the real amusement started. mr balestena asked who made the gingerbread house. joes cousin, michelle, said she did. next thing i know mr b is signed bullshit. i about died. so then the entire family started to ask what he was doing. so they ALL learned how to sign bullshit. for the record- i did NOT start it this time!!!! friggin hysterical. joe and i went out to the patio to sit on the swinging bench. i forgot to talk about the patio. its beautiful. they have a swimming pool with a small waterfall thing, and the pool light changes colors. then they have your typical grill. they also have one that mel designed and had a friend make (the one used for the pib). its HUGE! theres a thermometer on the outside, a handle on each side of the top as well as the middle, and its set in brick. to top it off, not only is a charcoal grill, you can also move the charcoals to 5 different levels depending on how how or cold the inside of the grill is getting. it was way neat. they also have a small dock on the lake/canal thing that their house is on. its beautiful. anywho- we sat out there and looked at the stars for a while. while we were out there he pulled me close to him and was like 'i know this may be way early to say this to you, since we havent even been dating for 3 months yet... but- i love you.' it was almost movielike. of course- i told him that i loved him too... id been wanting to say it to him all night. it was just a nice ending to the night. things are coming together quite well. we went home at around 10. at midnight i opened joes present. he got me a little eeyore with a cowboy hat holding a toy that happens to be a horse head on a stick.. you know you remember those. around his neck was a bracelet. two toned. really pretty. then the bad news happens. his brother knocks on the door and says he hit my car. at first joe and i thought he was joking. he wasnt. its not a huge deal.. but it will need to get fixed. im going to have mom call mommy b tomorrow to figure it out. as i was leaving his mom handed me this huge bag filled with presents. i was in shock. i wasnt expecting that much from her (i knew she got me something because joe kept doing the whole 'i know what mom got you!!' thing). i came home and opened the bag. she made me a christmas stocking. its so cute. inside was a ton of stuff. bath and body works stuff, shower brushes and loofahs, chapsticks, and hershey kisses. then there were other little gifts. she got me a flagler college ornament which is way pretty. i didnt even know we had this one. then mr b got me a flashlight for my car. add that to the jumper cable he got me earlier.. hes such a practical guy =). then i opened the best thing: the nerf dart gun complete with a bag of extra darts!! sweeeeet! joey- you better watch yourself! im armed and ready! and- i got a small nerf football. awesome. all in all it was an amazing night. im in with the family, i celebrated family traditions/customs completly foreign to me, joey and i are a ton closer, and i got great stuff for christmas/hannukah/noche buena.

the next night joe came over after a chirstmas lunch with his family. it was the first night of hannukah. he watched us light the candles and say the prayers. then he FINALLY got his presents. i got him the rockem sockem robots and magnex.. theyre kinda like knex, but use magnet balls to connect them. he loved his presents. we're going to play rockem sockem robots when i get back up there. mom got him a really nice sweater shirt. then we had dinner. meatloaf and latkes. he really liked the latkes. he said he enjoyed watching my mom and me light the candles. he heard me say the prayers in hebrew and thought that was way neat. after that we just stayed in my room and watched a lot of movies. i introduced him to an old carey grant movie. he couldnt stop laughing. im going to make him a copy of it.

monday was his last day in town. i went to work that morning, which my cousin was surprised about. he told me i shouldve called in and said i wasnt coming because joe was leaving. i told him that in the real world, you cant do that.. and i wasnt going to bail on my cousin (hes a lawyer and hired me for the break). that night i went to joes for dinner. after dinner mercy and mel came by. she was like hey! the birds are here!! no one got it except the two of us. after a little while they left. we went back to his room and i helped him pack his stuff. after he was packed things got a little heated in the bedroom. yes- we do have sex. it has never felt 100% physical. there has always been passion and other emotional feelings... even before we said that we loved each other. (pause real fast: joe has had past partners as have i... and neither of us ever got jealous about... unlike my ex- who was furious with me at first because id had sex one time before.. joe and i have both concluded that we have is completely different from what weve had and feels almost new.. its hard to explain..) anywho- after the nice little sex session i was curled up on his chest and he whispered 'youre so beautiful... im falling in love with you more and more every day..' i just melted. he was lightly stroking my back and had this small smile on his face... it was really cute. we ended up falling asleep.. and it was the best sleep we both have had in a long time. i didnt want to go home, but i had to.

so thats been my winter break in a nutshell. its typical to say 'i hope things stay like this forever'... but its just not realistic. id love for things to stay the way they are. we're going on to three months (new years day is our montheversary) and we havent had a single fight. the closest weve gotten to a fight was one day that i was really stressed out before finals and i was cranky. he just left me alone in his room and made dinner while i got my crankiness out. i was fine after that. and one day he was really cranky because his commanding officer blamed him for something he didnt do, and then his roommate and his roommates wife started fighting about something stupid and joe got pulled into because he was eating dinner in front of the tv. i just let him scream it all out to me until he was done. we're bound to have a tiff though. and we know this. i warned him that i might be way crnaky this coming semester b/c of the huge workload i have. he told me hed do his best to calm me down... hes absolutely wonderful. as of right now we both see each other getting old and gray together. he were joking around about getting married the other day... our parents were both married on valentines day, as i think i previously mentioned... turns out that in 2009, which is the ideal year that wed both like to get married (3 years from now.. perfect) vday lands on a sat. so now thats our big joke... that we're hopping on the band wagon... of course- its all in fun. if it happens, great.. but we're still taking things one day at a time.

new years is tonight. i hope everyone gets that special kiss at midnight. ill either call joe or shoot him an i-m. it depends on if hes awake.. he has work tomorrow so he might crash early... i wish i could be with him... oh well- i might be seeing him on the 9th for dinner... i move back in on the 10th so im heading to a friends house in jax the day before. if not- ill see him jan 13... i told him he better be ready to catch me because im going to jump at him when he opens his apt door. he laughed. =) well- i think im done. happy new years everyone!
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