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Hey guys I'm Sam....i was in this community like last year sometime but since then i broke up with the guy i was with before and am now with an amazing guy. We've only been official since tuesday, which by the way was his birthday, but we've known eachother for a few months and really connected. he's completely different from my last bf, hes everything i could ever want! He's sweet, hes caring, he can make me laugh, we can just sit there and stare into eachothers eyes smiling, he tells me im beautiful and that i have amazing eyes and we have the same view on a lot of things like marriage and children and things like that, granted im only 20 and hes only 21, but its nice to know you have a guy you can talk to about that and not scare him fact he was the one that brought that stuff up, which was nice. I'm so glad i've finally found a guy like him....i've posted a picture of us behind the cut...take a look! :-)

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