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The last time I wrote anything in this community was ages ago... Since then, I have broken up with my then boyfriend. He had changed for the worse, and things weren't working anymore, and I knew thigns were over between us for quite some time ~ probably about 7 months before we actually broke up, I knew things weren't going to work. However, I am so glad that I didn't end things with him when I first knew I had to...

The reason being, my ex's best friend works for my parents. We have an office in our house that is a 24/7 operation, and Chris (ex's best friend) works the midnight shift 5 days a week. There were 2 weekends, one was Memorial day weekend, and then 2 weeks later when, while I was still with Rob (my ex), Chris, Rob, Jack (the other best friend) and I would spend 3 days at Robs house. Well each of these weekends, I would wake up when Chris got off of work, and we would go to his house, get his stuff, and go to Rob's house. After the first weekend, we had spent a lot of time talking online. One of the days, he was having some personal issues that he just kind of let out, and he told me more than he had told Rob or Jack about before. A few days after that, I realized I was having some deep feelings for him, that I really shouldn't be having.

I told him a few days later, that I was having feelings for him. And at this point, he pretty much told me that he didn't think that he could ever do anything like that to Rob because he was his best friend, and he didn't want to lose his best friend. However, the more and more time Chris and I spent together online, we realized how much we had in common, and he was starting to share the same feelings back. The next weekend we spent over Robs, in the morning Rob was asleep (it was his birthday), so Chris and I went to his house to go get his stuff, and then we went to get breakfast. We went to Robs, and after about half an hour of calling him and banging on his door, he finally let us in the house, and promptly went back upstairs and went back to sleep. Chris and I dragged our two computers in, his playstation, and his xbox in, and we decided to play cards, since Rob was still asleep. 2 hours later, Rob finally came downstairs, and he was angry at me because I stayed downstairs and was playing games with Chris, instead of coming upstairs and "Servicing" him. Sorry I was trying to be nice and let you sleep.

On that Friday, and Saturday morning, Chris and I were playing our games together. The way we were set up in the room, there wasn't much room, so the only way I was comfortable was to lay down on Chris' leg. Rob didn't notice at all. Then on Saturday afternoon, we went to another friends house, and Chris and I were flirting the whole time, and once again Rob didn't take any notice. On that Sunday, Chris and I just sat on the couch, watching TV. We just sat there talking, and eventually we ended up holding hands, and I was resting my head on his shoulder. We had to keep an eye out, though, incase any of Rob's family or Rob came in. It was sweet though.

The following Wednesday, Chris and I went on our first official date. I was suppose to go out with a group of friends, and Rob was babysitting. I had asked Chris to go with me, so I wouldn't be there alone (it was suppose to be a group date), but my friends ended up all crapping out. So Chris and I ended up still going out, and we went to the movies, and had a good time. The following Sunday, he came over early before work, and that's when we had our first kiss. He had never kissed anyone, and was really nervous about it, but it was great. Unfortuently I was still with Rob at this point. Things were hard, and I was trying to do it all so we would still be friends, and be able to hang out. Chris didn't want to lose his best friend, yet he was getting to the point where he didn't care, he said I was worth losing Rob as a friend over. For the next week, I had snuck as much time as I could to spend time with Chris, without getting caught. On Tuesday, I met him at the 7-11, which is in between our houses, to spend about half an hour with him. That half an hour was amazing.

The next day, he was walking to work. Chris doesn't have his license, so he has to walk. I was waiting up for him to get in, because I wanted to sneak a little bit more time with him. I went upstairs for a few minutes so my parents thought I went to bed, and I got a call on my cell phone... It was the person who worked before hand and she asid, Kim, go wake your mom up, turn on the front porch lights, the cops are on their way. I thought maybe something had happened to one of the cars. When I walked in with mom, however, I saw Chris standing there, with his shirt over his head, and Mrs. Deniese was looking at his back... He had gotten jumped. He was bruised up, and pretty bloody, but he was OK for the most part. I ended up staying up with him that night, the whole night, and went to work the next morning. I was only at work for 4 hours before I came home, because I was so flippin tired.

I went home, and Rob stopped by after he got off of work just for a little while, and then he went home to take care of some stuff, and to babysit his little sister. I was too worn out to want to deal with her, so I stayed at my house. Chris got online, and we started talking, and he told me he felt something he had never felt before. He wasn't sure what it was, exactly, but he had a feeling that it was love. Then he asked if I could take him up to the bank and to the store, so he could get some stuff straightened out. So we went up there, and then we were going to go to starbucks, because I wanted needed some coffee. Coffee never happened. We ended up sitting in the parkinglot for starbucks for 2 hours, just talking, and more or less holding eachother. Then, I heard him say that he loved me. The way that he said it... it was just so sweet, so soft. It made my heart melt. I knew before then, but I definitally knew at that point I had to end things with Rob as soon as possible.

So that weekend, I was taking Chris to the MVA on Saturday, and Rob was going out with a girl that he had met online on Saturday. I figured that was perfect, because I knew stuff was going to happen between Rob and that girl on Saturday. So on that Sunday, when Rob finally called me (since he never answered his phone on Saturday, because he was too busy fooling around with that girl), we ended it. It was mutual, even though afterwards he kept telling everyone he ended it because he wasn't happy with me. Even though he begged me to stay with him, he kept trying to look like he was the one who did the deed.

So Chris and I have been together for 3 1/2 months. I have never been so happy, nor have I ever felt so loved or comfortable in a realtionship. I was with Rob for 3 1/2 years... and it just never clicked that it wasn't a good relationship. I hurt my ankle on Saturday, and Chris has been so supportive of me, he's been helping me and bracing me when I'm walking. Yesterday I went to the doctor and he went with me, because he knew I was scared, and didn't want to go alone. He's such a sweetheart, and I would do anything for him. I love him so incredibly much. =) I have a picture of us on my myspace, but it's not that great of a picture... I'm hoping to get a new one soon. If you'd like to look at the picture, the link is

I am so much in love right now. He is a great guy. =D
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