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New Community

I'm pleased to announce a new community: am_i_pregnant.

If you're worried about possibly being pregnant or excited about trying, please join.

Who Are We?: Women and men dedicated to providing a place for quality, no-nonsense advice and information about getting or avoiding being pregnant.

Who Are We Not? We're not really a "support" or a "discussion" community. We give you an estimate of your chances and related advice when warranted, and that's about it.

How Do We Answer Questions?: Based on the information you provide in your survey post, we can tell you if your chances of getting pregnant are going to be high or low. We'll always tell you why, we'll always back it up with reliable sources, and we'll always encourage you to learn this stuff for yourself.

I hope we can help you!

The info for this community did not prohibit community promotion. If this is not the case, my apologies.
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